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Research units

Назва Керівник
1 BRL-18 Branch Research and Educational Laboratory of Geodetic Monitoring and Refractometry Prof. Kornylii Tretiak, Doctor of Engineering
2 BRL-80 Branch Research Laboratory of Computer-Aided Design of Analog Microelectronic Units of Electronic Equipment Prof. Mykhailo Lobur, Doctor of Engineering
3 BRL-88 Branch Research Laboratory of Examination, Testing and Reconstruction of Bridges, Building Constructions and Engineering Structures Prof. Victor Kvasha, Doctor of Engineering
4 BRL-99 Branch Research Laboratory of Geodetic Support of the Cadastre and Natural Resources Management of the Territory of Ukraine Prof. Lev Perovych, Doctor of Engineering
5 BRL-93 Branch Research Laboratory of Geodynamics Prof. Fedir Zablotskyy, Doctor of Engineering
6 BRL-95 Branch Research Laboratory of Geoinformation Systems and Technologies Prof. Oleksandr Dorozhynskyi, Doctor of Engineering
8 BRL-112 Branch Research Laboratory of Optimization, Research, Examination and Design of Building Constructions and Structures Associate Prof. Ihor Melnyk, PhD in Engineering
9 BRL-108 Branch Research Laboratory of the Diagnosis of the Technical State of Highways, Aerodromes and Their Concomitant Engineering Buildings Prof. Serhiy Solodkyy, Doctor of Engineering
10 BRL-105 Branch Research Production Laboratory of Research, Examination, Reconstruction and Production of Building Materials, Articles, Constructions, Building and Structures Associate Prof. Volodymyr Barabash, PhD in Engineering
11 LvivSEPRObud Certification Agency of Building Materials, Products and Constructions "LvivSEPRObud" Associate Prof. Myroslav Stasiuk, PhD in Engineering
12 MESO Material Engineering Service-Office Prof. Zoia Duriagina, Doctor of Engineering
13 RL-113 Measuring Laboratory "EKOKHIMSERT" Prof. Myroslav Maliovanyi, Doctor of Engineering
14 VECTOR Research and Analytical Center for Political Studies "Vector" Head of Centre: DSc (Political science), Prof. Yaryna Turchyn
15 SRDI ELVIT Research and Design Institute for Electronic Measuring and Computer Techniques Director of Institute: CScTech., Senior Research Fellow Viktor Tkachenko
17 RL-106 Research and Design Laboratory for Research and Design of Residential and Public Buildings Prof. Igor Gnes, Doctor of Architecture
18 Crystal Research Center of Solid-State Electronics and Sensors Director of the Center: Prof. Anatolii Druzhynin, Doctor of Engineering
19 RL-118 Research Laboratory "FinTechLab" Prof. NazariiPodolchak, Doctor of Economic Sciences
20 RL-122 Research Laboratory “Foreign Trade and Customs” Prof. Olha Melnyk, Doctor of Economics
21 RL-33 Research Laboratory Of Accident Prevention, Development Of Methods Of Occupational And Radiological Monitoring Prof. Oleh Nahurskyy, Doctor of Engineering
22 RL-120 Research Laboratory of Accounting, Analysis and Taxation Prof. Igor Yaremko, Doctor of Economics
23 RL-110 Research Laboratory of Architectural Environment Design Associate Prof. Yuriy Dzhyhil, PhD in Architecture
24 RL-104 Research Laboratory of Architectural Historical Complexes Regeneration Prof. Mykola Bevz, Doctor of Architecture
25 RL-31 Research Laboratory of Architectural Objects Modeling Associate Professor Yuriy Petrenko, PhD in Engineering
26 RL-62 Research Laboratory of Automated Control Systems Prof. Ivan Tsmots, Doctor of Engineering
27 RL-40 Research Laboratory of Automatic Machines of Vibration Engineering Prof. Ihor Kuzio, Doctor of Engineering
29 RL-25 Research Laboratory of Automation of Technological Processes and Metering of Energy Carriers Prof. Yevhen Pistun, Doctor of Engineering
31 RL-28 Research Laboratory of Biologically Active Substances Prof. Volodymyr Novikov, Doctor of Chemistry
32 RL-46 Research Laboratory of Building Structure Calculations Prof. Yevhen Kharchenko, Doctor of Engineering
34 RL-24 Research Laboratory of Chemical Production Processes and Apparatus Prof. Volodymyr Atamaniuk, Doctor of Engineering
35 RL-63 Research Laboratory of Computational Mathematics Prof. Petro Pukach, Doctor of Engineering
36 RL-17 Research Laboratory of Computer and Cyber-Physical Systems and Network Technologies Prof. Anatoliy Melnyk, Doctor of Engineering
37 RL-83 Research Laboratory of Computer Systems Prof. Volodymyr Maksymovych, Doctor of Engineering
38 RL-19 Research Laboratory of Development and Implementation of New Building Constructions Prof. Myroslav Sanytskyi, Doctor of Engineering
39 RL-38 Research Laboratory of Dynamics and Reliability of Industrial Equipment Prof. Volodymyr Malashchenko, Doctor of Engineering
40 RL-7 Research Laboratory of Electric Drive Control and Automated Industrial Plants Prof. Orest Lozynskyi, Doctor of Engineering
44 RL-50 Research Laboratory of Glass Technology, Ceramics, Binding Materials Prof. Yaroslav Vakhula, Doctor of Engineering
45 RL-66 Research Laboratory of Graphic Mapping Methods, Theoretical Bases of Their Application in CAD and Technology Prof. Ivan Aftanaziv, Doctor of Engineering