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Research at Lviv Polytechnic

Scientific and Research Divisions of the University:

  • State Budget Groups at the Departments;
  • Temporary creative teams;
  • Special Design Bureau of Electromechanical Systems (SDBEMS);
  • Scientific and Research Design Institute (NDKI ELVIT);
  • Crystal Scientific and Research Center of Solid State Electronics and Sensors;
  • 73 scientific and research laboratories (SRL);
  • Scientific and design laboratory;
  • Territorial scientific and research laboratory;
  • 10 branch SRL;
  • Regional SRL;
  • 2 scientific and educational laboratories;
  • 2 testing laboratories;
  • 3 certification bodies;
  • Technological Security Center;
  • Joint scientific and research laboratories with academic and industrial institutions and enterprises.

Staff composition:

Nowadays the University academic and pedagogical staff makes up more than 2200 members. Among them over 320 are Doctors of Science and over 1200 are Associate Professors and Doctors of Philosophy.


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