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Foundations of the Circuit Analysis, Signals and Processes

Major: Cyber Security
Code of Subject: 6.125.00.O.27
Credits: 4
Department: Theoretical and General Electrical Engineering
Lecturer: Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Orest Hamola
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of Study: денна
Learning outcomes:
• ability to use professionally oriented knowledges and practical skills in basic circuits theory, signals and processes in computer systems and networks;
• ability to use specialized software packages;
• basic knowledges in the field of electrical engineering required for understanding the course "Cybersecurity";
• ability to use computer simulation for the complex electric circuits analyze.
Required prior and related subjects:
• Physics
• Further mathematics, part1, 2;
Summary of the subject:
Basic definitions of the theory of electrical circuits. Analysis of linear circuits DC. Linear circuits with harmonic influence. Transients linear circuits. Electric circuit of non-sinusoidal current. Basic theory and four-pole multipoles. Electric filters. Analysis of nonlinear circuits. Analysis of steady state in circuits with distributed parameters.
Recommended Books:
1. Bobalo Yu.Ia., Mandziy B.A., Stakhiv P.H., Pysarenko L.D., Yakymenko Iu.I./ Basic theory of electronic circuits. – Text-book /Edited by prof. Yu.Ya. Bobalo. Lviv: Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2008. - 332 p.
2. Malyar V.S. Theoretical basis of electrical engineering. Electric circuits. Text book / Malyar V.S. – Lviv: Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University" - 2012 – 312 p.
3. Shegedyn O.I. Malyar V.S. Theoretical basis of Electrical engineering. Part 1: Text book – Lviv: Magnoliya Plyus, 2004. – 172 p.
4. Bobalo Yu.Ya., Stakhiv P.H., Rendziniak S.Y., Korud V.I., Hamola O.Ye., Horyachko V.I., Madai V.S., Rizhiy T.I. Combined (hybrid) laboratory workshop with the theory of electrical and electronic circuits, signals and measurements in a computerized laboratory: textbook – Lviv: Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University", 2016. – 152 p.
Assessment methods and criteria:
written reports on the laboratory course, discussion, defence of individual tasks (30%)
• final test (70 %, control test): written-oral form